Saturday, March 01, 2008

68 cents of happiness

I spent 68 cents on happiness today.

Josh had "volunteered" to go to the store with me today. Saturdays are not my first choice for the weekly grocery run, but with an extra day of work for me this week, necessity won out. Josh said he would go, but only if he could have some gum while we were there. I asked if we had some in the van and he said yes. Off we went. Moments into the ride, we discover there is no gum in the van. Uh oh.

Josh has always been a fairly easy going kid. With the right heads-up he could adjust to most surprises. As his mom, I've figured this out and try to keep him up-to-date. Oddly enough, life does not always fit into my plan, and then Josh reacts. His latest reactions are more of a tired, moan with eyes on the verge of tears. At times, there will be falling on the floor actions and a whole lotta drama for a six-year-old boy.


This AWOL gum was a problem. As soon as we got there, I bought one pack of gum. The blue kind, his choice, a good one. And then forty-five minutes of happy shopping ensued. If only life was always so simple.


Dave and Jenni said...

I can totally relate, generally having to cart all 3 kids to the store. 2 & 3 year olds aren't nearly as understanding, so sometimes I have to "bribe" them with a ride in the little car-like carts. They're only a dollar and then I get to shop in peace!

emilymcd said...

I'm all about the bribes. Call it a treat. Call it a vacation. Call it a bribe. In the end, it buys you peace.

Good going, sister!