Friday, March 28, 2008


We spent about 12 hours each way to get from our dreary, cloudy home state to the beautiful, sunny, already showing signs of spring, state of Georgia. We got up around 3 am both trips, deposited our barely awake children into their car seats, and off we went. Owen was in a "new" car seat, one that was borrowed from my sister-in-law so we won't have to buy a new one before Ellie is big enough for a booster. This seat was like a cuddly egg surrounding him. He was reclined and comfy. Relaxed and cozy. For hours.

When he was born, a good friend of ours gave us a hand knit blanket. It is this great big cozy blanket knit from soft yarn in sweet boy colors of blue and green. The blanket's weave is such that little kiddos fingers can poke through and grab a hold of it's lovely softness. I caught this shot (a bit blurred, sorry) of some chubby little toes peeking through as we traveled along.

Our happy traveler

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emilymcd said...

Aw, man... what cute toes. We love you, little man!