Monday, March 31, 2008

Purging and Planning

With spring here, I always get that urge to purge and plan. I make lists. LOTS of lists. Thanks to my handy notebook, most of the list are at least in one place now. The Hubs loves it when he comes into our home office and sees a multitude of post-its scattered around the desk. In moments of desperation, he throws them out. And then, of course, I need them. Not until that moment, though. Odd.

So, I am beginning to write some lists.

There's the list of clothing items the kids will need for spring/summer. (whenever that decides to show up)

The list of what I'd like to grow in our garden this year. Last year was our first family vegetable garden. We had one squash plant that took over the little plot like a disease. We had SO much squash. I had planted green and red peppers, zucchini, and later, tomatoes. All were no match for the conquering yellow vegetable plant. So this year, hopefully with a little more planning, a better chosen spot, and NO squash plants, we should have a nice garden that will hopefully be a fun activity for the kids and I, and a way to enjoy some fresh, homegrown veggies!

The list of items we would like to use our refund/G.Bush cash for.

The list of things that could be done over time in every room in our house. We have made a decision that we need to move. If the housing market wasn't in a pothole right now, we'd probably give it a try. But time is on our side and we don't need to move, but for schools/long-term we should probably make, hopefully, our last move for long time. I actually like moving. Each time we've done it, we purge unwanted items and it has always been to a good situation. Plus, I get to make lists.

So, I'm off to purge and plan. Wish me luck!


Sittintall said...

Good for you. It's great to be organized. I'm not much of a list maker (maybe I should be since I keep mental notes in my head and when I need them, I draw a blank), but I do like organization. After we finally were done with parties, traveling, and unpacking on Sunday we went through our closets and purged a bunch of clothing items for good will! Since then I have been sitting in front of the closet admiring the space and lamenting the size 12 jeans I gave away!

Dave and Jenni said...

We're in a similar situation - we've outgrown the house and are not in a great school district, but we have a bit of time. In the meantime, we're just living in every corner of our house!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Oh I am such a list maker as well. I always have a list for each room, in my head or written out.

The market is rough, but hey, god has authority over that as well. Seek His timing for the move and He take care of it!

Have fun purging!

Travis Deur said...

Love the sunglasses story below! I think laughing at one's self is vitally important to a healthy life and I thankfully get the opportunity to do so quite often.

Enjoy your Spring Break!