Thursday, March 13, 2008

Late Night Devotions

The other night Owen was up several times. We finally gave him a little tylen.ol to see if that would help whatever was ailing him. I didn't want to put him down right away, so I sat with him for a while. His room holds entirely way too much furniture, but there is space for a wonderful glider that my sister-in-law sweetly lent us after Owen was born. So I curled my little boy on my shoulder, under his favorite blanket and just rocked with him. I couldn't remember the last time we did that. He has always been such a good sleeper, and being baby #3, the dude was quickly encouraged to fall asleep on his own.

So I sat and rocked with him, listening to him breathe heavily through his pacifier. I thought of how that sound reassures me each night as I check on him and the other kids before I go to bed. (Josh is a quiet breather, Ellie is louder and Owen takes the cake as the loudest).

My thoughts were interrupted as Owen maneuvered himself to a more comfy spot on my shoulder. It made me think of how we often are sick with our sins and look for that comfortable spot in our Father's arms. We struggle to try and find a way to get rest on our own. We look for other places to find peace. And yet, when we finally allow our Father's arm to enfold us and draw us close...that is when we truly find rest. I love that mental picture of God's strong arms encircling us, helping us find that comfy spot, even if we are still sick or in pain, there is peace. I closed my eyes and pictured the Lord drawing Owen and me close to Him in that moment. Owen looked up at me once while he was finding his comfy spot. He saw me there, just waiting for him to find his deeper sleep. His head gently fell back to my shoulder and his breathing became more soft and rhythmic. I almost didn't want to let him go.

Thank you Lord, for being the Peace that passes all Understanding, Our Rescuer, and Our Father.


trevsmom said...

Oh this post has me in is so true our Heavenly Father is always there with open arms and always wanting us to find peace in HIM alone. What a beautiful picture. It is just our stubborn selves that want to do this game of life all on our own. But, HE is always there waiting to welcome us back into his arms, so like you are to Owen. Thank you for sharing the visual and spiritual picture. What a great reminder to me!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Beautiful post girl! Hope everyone is feeling better now. We had ear infections come through this house too!

Dave and Jenni said...

What a beautiful post. And what a sweet memory with your boy. I know what you mean about the third being encouraged to sleep on his/her own, but there are those treasured times when you do have the chance to snuggle and cuddle that little babe. Glad you got a chance to enjoy it, as well as reflecting on the Lord!

Sittintall said...

What a peaceful picture. I love the illustration. It makes me feel very comforted by God's love. My He unfold His arms for you this weekend. Lots of love.