Monday, March 31, 2008

The Meeting

This morning I told the kids we would start our Spring Break with a meeting. We needed to plan out what we wanted to do for the week. Just like a business. We were to meet in the office in 5 minutes.

We all convened.

Josh was dressed for the occasion.

Attached to his long-sleeve skateboarder Tee.....his clip-on tie.

Unfortunately, he wouldn't let me take a picture. He said it would be embarrassing. Doesn't he know that's half my job? To take embarrassing photos of him, so that one day, we can weed through the potential girlfriends by showing them these moments of cuteness? That my goal at that time will be to see how red his young man cheeks can get as I grandly show off his little boy cheeks?

Anyway. I'll see if I can convince him to get a shot later. For now, this moment is saved in narrative form only.

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Sittintall said...

That was too funny. And how clever of you to have a "meeting." You sure are one creative mama!