Sunday, March 16, 2008


Ok dear friends, I need ideas.  Substitutions actually.  Just wondering if you have any good exchanges for these frequent visitors to our family table:

  • Pancake syrup  (I know fruit is an option, but personally, that is not a fave of mine...still willing to try...)
  • "Catalina" salad dressing.  The kids love to dip just about everything in this, but it's first ingredient is that high fructose corn syrup.  Sprays work for salads, but is there a dressing that doesn't contain something more man-made than God-created?
  • Lemonade.  I know there's nothing inherently wrong with this one, but light is pretty expensive, has that aspart.eme thing, and we went through a LOT of this last summer.  They love their milk, but I'm looking for another drink option.
  • Any good "dessert" ideas?  We usually don't have dessert after dinner, but the kids love  a treat after bath nights, and so we've slowly worked our way through Hallow.een candy (eek, I know.) They like cookies, (who doesn't?), but is there another sweet treat that isn't going to sugar them up too much?  (this might be asking too much!)

Thanks in advance y'all!


trevsmom said...

Growing up we always had pudding as a dessert. Trev loves it too. For snack before bed we usually do a "helfree" (healthy) snack, either fruit cups, blueberries or a pear. Sometimes we do the whole grain bumble bee grahm things, a special K bar or honey grahm rice cakes.

The only thing we have done with syrup is gone to the light version.

Juice: We love Juicey Juice. My sister get the Meijer version for way cheaper and just as good of ingredients.....and NO hight furctose corn syrup. I have just tried Light Grape Juice with Trev too. I dilute it like 7/8 water to 1/8 juice and he really likes it. Anyhow I don't know why I keep rambling, we can talk more about this. :-)

Dave and Jenni said...

Juice - OK this stuff is a little more on the pricey side too, but we LOVE the V-Fusion juice. You can get it at Costco for a better price if you have one near you. But in it is a full serving of fruits AND a full serving of vegetables and it's delicious. And if you get the V-Fusion light, it's only 50 calories for 8 oz!! We also do Juicy Juice for the girls, so I agree with "Trevsmom."

For desserts, sometimes we do the sugar free jello and cool-whip free (sugar free and fat free), and sometimes put fruit in it - berries, peaches, etc.

Oh, and for dippers, have you looked at the Ken's Steakhouse Honey Mustard? We *love* that stuff around here!

Hope this helps!

Beth said...

For juice, we like the 100% juice from Aldi. It's really cheap and really well-liked.

Can't help you on the syrup or the dessert. We only have it sparingly and it tends to be the chocolate and the ice cream. Yum!

andrea said...

Syrup: Applesauce, Strawberry sauce, a touch of powdered sugar, or even more unhealthy, chocolate chips!

Desserts: Ants-on-a-log (ya know, the celery with peanut butter and raisins?), homemade granola bars (my own recipe--add ingredients to suit your taste) oatmeal, peanut butter, honey, and raisins/chocolate chips: melt ingredients in pan until the consistency is thick enough to set and the oatmeal has had time to 'cook' a bit, and wrap chunks in wax paper). Sorbets and sherbets made from sugar are sweet and not as bad as traditional ice cream.

Lemonade: well, even 100% juice can have a lot of sugar. If you want something refreshing on a hot day, you'll have to stick with the lemonade, but you could squeeze it yourself, but that's time consuming and you'll still have to add a sweetener!

Dip: Well, my favorites are creamy poppyseed and southwest veggie dip, so I'm afraid that's not much better for your kiddos and you! :)

PS: back from the Coral Sea yesterday.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Finally catching up on blogs...

Pancake syrup - be sure to use the 100% pure maple syrup to avoid the "junk" and use sparingly ;)

lemonade - water with lemon?

desserts - popsicles? we buy the cat cookies and trader joes and they can have 3-4. they are small.