Friday, March 28, 2008

The Mailman

Whether rain, snow, sleet or sun. The Hubs is my mailman. He always takes the toughest part of the drive...early morning (and I mean early a.m.)...or the pouring rain...or the sloppy snow. We encountered all. Yes, friends. All of these on our way home from our trip yesterday. My mailman delivered us safely and with a smile on his face, and maybe a crick in his neck, to our home. Thank you dear Hubs. Just the sight of Owen literally rolling with joy to be in his own home space again was enough thanks from him, I'm sure.

My next several posts will most likely be thoughts and reflections from our recent trip to see my Hubs dear grandpa laid to rest in the sunny state of Georgia. It was an amazing time with family and it almost felt like a vacation.

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