Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Honey, I need a bucket!

It has long been a joke in our home that our on the main floor is about as quiet as an airplane landing. In your backyard. On bubble wrap.

It is actually more of a waterfall-type sound. Not a calming trickle. More like Niagra Falls.

So when I heard these words...."HONEY, I need a bucket." after a loud crash in the bathroom last week, my heart did a little cartwheel.

There was the dear Hubs once again in need of my help.

He had lifted the cap on the back of to see if he could find out why it had been running so much lately. Slippery little bugger took a digger right on top of the tank. One long crack later, water was quickly dripping out onto the floor behind the comm.ode. It needed to be replaced.

Thankfully, the Hubs has family and a nearby friend who were able to help him decide on the perfect, quiet, kind of that would call our house home.

Even though the installation of this amazingly quiet priv.y put off the purchase of another essential item (some day I will have my storm door!), it is SO worth it. We can talk in the next room and not wonder who just made a visit to the john. I envision having friends over again (is this getting a bit dramatic, now?). All in all, although I did not initially share in the Hubs excitement over replacing our resident airstrip, I now am grateful for a little bit of peace and quiet... at least in one room. From an inanimate object.

PS. Only because I'm pretty sure ya'll will laugh me off the blogosphere for posting a picture of our grand new throne, I refrain from showing you an actual photo. But I can say that after an earlier posting, many good comments from friends, and a bit of scavenging through our house, we did put up some great pictures in our that really make a difference. So with a new comm.ode and pictures on the walls, that is kinda nice place to be. Now if we can only get Ellie to think so....

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emilymcd said...

Ahhahaha... beauty is all in the eyes of the beholder.